Not a Brat Anymore

When my sister decided to leave the country and live in NY, my mom worried a lot.  She was worried that my sister would survive living alone in an apartment because she never worked and she didn't know any household chores.  But she survived, and mom is really pleased that she has become a responsible and independent woman; she can even cook on her own.

Living alone though, doesn't mean she had to do everything. When it comes to rug cleaning, my sister only trusts the professionals to do it for her.  She trusts area rug cleaning ny because they don't just clean her precious rugs, they do it with care and they only use environment-friendly cleaning agents.  She says it makes her feel good that somehow, she is able to do something for the environment.  Once every two months, the carpet cleaners would take away her rugs; bring them to the plant to be washed and cleaned, and return them back to her smelling fresh and clean.

It was a good thing that mom let go of her.  She used to be so spoiled, but look at her now.  She knows how to run a home and knows how to take care of her hard-earned money.  The guy that would capture her heart is truly very lucky.

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