Liz, the Crafter

Even though my eyes are bad already, I'm tempted to go back into jewelry making.  If you frequent this blog, you probably know that I'm a crafter.  I love doing a lot of things -- cross stitch, embroidery, bead work, jewelry making, papier tole, etc. 

While looking for stuff online, I happened to find a website that sells gorgeous 2 hole slider beads.  The floral designs are so gorgeous.  I'm a sucker for flowers and the beads are so colorful and simply stunning.  Even my daughter, who saw the cute beads is encouraging me to try it again; she says I wear glasses anyway.  We used to do jewelries together but she got too busy in school.  After college, she worked for a while and then got married.  Now she is busy with her twins so I don't think she'll have time to go back to jewelry making as well.  But I can't take those lovely beads off my mind; maybe I should give it a try.

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