Now we're Wireless!

My husband sorted through a lot of wireless intercom systems before finally deciding on Gadget Shack. Living in a building type house is no joke. Calling each one for dinner can be tiring because you have to climb a few plights of stairs and visit each room just to call everyone. With the wireless intercom, I don't have to shout to call every one down. And should I need a hand, I can easily buzz one of the children to go down and help me. It also comes in very handy when I'm at the store alone. I don't need to run up the stairs or text someone if I need to get something upstairs. Hubs feels more at ease that I could buzz anytime for help. Next, he'll be working on the ip network camera. We don't have much budget for these things so he does it one at a time. Crimes are happening all around us and just like the other establishments, hubs would like to have a surveillance camera in and outside the store. What inspired him to save up on this gadget is the fact that crimes are solved with the help of these cameras. There was one crime in the south where a student was robbed and killed. The camera caught the act and the criminal was caught. Not that we expect those kind of things to happen in our store. Hubs just want to be ready just in case.

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Max Coutinho said...

Hi Liza,

This is one useful tip: when I lived at my parents's house we used to shout to call each other (the house was big). I will pass this suggestion to my parents.

Thanks, darling!

I hope all is well with you.

Big hug and cheers

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