Preparing For An Expo

I remember my husband's first stint at an expo. It took his team several weeks to prepare for it. The amount of material they had to bring was huge. Brochures, handouts, fliers and posters bore the big part of this. They also had to ship video equipment and other promotional stuff. He also had to take care of his staff's transportation  and accommodations. He made sure that they will all be comfortable. I can just imagine how tired they would be, and the expo was to run for four days. He had to make a profitability assessment both for the team and their logistics.

These transportation rate negotiations paid off. They got a very good deal. Their business relationship would last to the present. The negotiation included logistics consulting. This made their preparations very easy. Every piece of material was carefully packed and taken cared of their transportation and logistics partner. The expo went well. It was a big success for their company and they closed several deals in a span of four days. The team was given a huge bonus and a vacation. Their company not only made some very good profits, they were able to make a huge savings on the cost of sending my husband and his team to the expo.

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