Problem Sweat Stains

Perspiring a lot?  It's hard to act cool when your armpits are drenched with sweat.  Plus, sweat stains on your favorite shirt are hard to remove!  To keep cool and dry, here are some tips.

Use an antiperspirant instead of just plain deodorant.  You can also switch to products with stronger formula for extra protection.

If you sweat too much; visit a dermatologist.  She can examine you for possible underlying causes, like a thyroid condition.

If the tips mentioned above don't work; they say a botox injection will solve the problem.  You might want to talk to your derma about it.

1 comment:

Bing said...

botox injection. if that would be as simple as it sounds and with not much of an expense, then i would recommend. :D

good thing i do not perspire a lot.

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