Simple but Elegant

The home is a reflection of who people are.  Look at one's home and you already have an idea on the character of the person.  That's one of the reasons why we try to keep our home clean and beautiful.  Many of us even go to the lengths of re-decorating our homes every so often and spending a lot on home decors and accessories.  A bright home makes a happy family; it also makes guests feel welcome.

The same goes with our bedroom.  We all try to keep it clean and comfortable. One of the things we invest on are curtains and bed linen.  My home and bedroom can be dubbed simple but when it comes to my bed, I invest on matouk.  It's not as expensive as other popular brands but it provides the warmth and comfort I need when sleeping.  Our bed looks luxurious because of the sophisticated designs of Matouk fine linens, but you wouldn't believe how affordable they are.

One doesn't have to spend too much on linens and accessories to have an elegant home.  Knowing where and what to shop and knowing how to mix and match are the keys to achieve a beautiful, inviting and comfortable home.

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