An Engagement Ring for My Nephew's Princess

As a young boy, my nephew always told us that the right time for him to marry is at age 30. He will be turning 30 in a couple of months so he decided that it was time he proposed to the girl he had been with for three years, his princess, his Diana.

When he told my sister-in-law that he was going to propose to Diana on his birthday, she cried. He understood her tears. They were not tears of sadness, he was sure. They were tears of joy more than anything else. But her tears soon turned to excitement when she asked my nephew about the engagement ring. She knew she would be the one to help him choose it. The next day, she was gushing about the engagement ring site she found. Well, she did not really find it. It was our cousin Alex who led her to it. She also had me visiting within a few days of checking out the site herself.

My nephew warned her that he was in no hurry to make his decision. He promised to check out the site and see for himself what she was gushing about. My sister-in-law is known for her love for jewelry and we are sure that if she was this excited, then the website definitely had a lot more to offer than the thousands of other jewelry sites on the web. If the collection they had to offer impressed my SIL, then surely the website had only the best to offer because she has exquisite taste in jewelry and she has a most impressive collection that is the envy of our other cousins and those within her circle of friends.

When my nephew entered the site, he was immediately impressed. They offered ready-made engagement rings but they also offered custom-made jewelry. He can simply choose the setting he wants and then ask their experienced team to help him find the right stone or stones for it. He preferred the more traditional tiffany solitaire engagement ring for his princess. The exquisite Tiffany setting made famous by the prominent jewelry house was originally designed for a princess so it would only be fitting that his princess would sport one herself.

My ever-efficient sister-in-law had come up with a shortlist of the designs she in the tiffany solitaire style that she found most attractive and he was hard put to find the one particular style he favored more than the rest. She also showed him a few three-stone settings she fancied but they reminded him too much of her engagement ring so he opted to shy away from the style. That style was for her alone, my nephew thought as she is the queen of his heart.

When he saw the collection of wedding sets the site had to offer, he knew that his initial preference for the tiffany solitaire engagement ring had been displaced by the equally fabulous styles of wedding set settings the site had to offer. He was especially drawn to the wedding sets because his princess’ engagement ring would fit perfectly to what would eventually be their wedding bands. When he presented his princess with her engagement ring, tears welled in her eyes. But when he showed her the wedding bands that were designed to go with it, the tears came pouring down and he knew I had hit the jackpot with my choice.


Bridget said...

I enjoyed reading about your nephew’s successful proposal. Congratulations to him and Diana, by the way! You, too, did a great job in helping him find the perfect engagement ring. :D His choice really piqued me. I didn’t know guys think straight ahead of the future as much as girls. Nice! The engagement ring and the wedding bands are all set! So, when’s the fateful date?

Bridget Rossi

Rochel Faltus said...

Thanks to you, your nephew found the perfect ring for Diana. :) You have good taste and style when it comes to choosing an engagement ring, huh! Nice! I love how it all went down to that very special moment of their lives. I really felt how real and how deeply it meant for the both of them. <3

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