Gorgeous Club Wear

The first time I heard of the words club wear, I already made up my mind that these aren't for me. Inside my head, I was thinking these are the skimpy, sexy, and (worst!) extra small-sized dresses. I've never worn sexy and revealing dresses in my life and I don't think I can now. But curiosity got me visiting the website. I might not be able to wear them but who says I can't look? 

So there I was scanning the pages of their apparel. Hey, it's not bad. I mean, they are not as revealing as I thought. The dresses are actually gorgeous; and as I searched longer, I actually some dresses that I like and actually can wear. And believe it or not, I shopped! Prices are not bad as well. I got the Waterfall Wonder Black Dress for $26 and a summer top also for $26. 

The shoes they offer are gorgeous as well. I got a beautiful pair of flats for $19.00. Their pumps and wedges are all fabulous but I have to admit that these aren't for me anymore. My daughter loved them. She bought a pair of Panel Peep Toe Wedge Bootie and she says she'll be back for the Strappy Open Toe Chunky Heel. 

If you like club wear and you're looking for reasonable prices, I'd say head on to the site and take advantage of their 40% off sale.

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