James' Dream

James knows that he needed to have some skills to be able to work in a court room.  Ever since he was small, he had dreamed of becoming a criminal lawyer but because his parents cannot afford to send him to a law school; James had to find ways to achieve his dream.

A friend has an uncle who works as a court reporter.  He's the one who encouraged James to become one.  Apparently, there is a shortage on court reporters so there is a great chance James would be hired immediately.  From his savings, he decided to attend training and get licensed.  Pretty soon he will have all the skills he needs to start a career in court reporting.  He still works in the store while attending classes so he can support himself.  James is a very determined child; this will help him reach his dream of becoming a lawyer.  The path he leads may not be as easy but with his hard work; he will be rewarded.

After getting his license, James will work with his friend's uncle right away.  This is only the beginning for him and this will be his stepping stone to become a criminal lawyer.

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