MIL's Bamboo Rug

My MIL contemplated for a long time for the kind of rug to put up in her living room.  She spent a long time at the carpet shop and had a hard time choosing between a Jute Rug and a Bamboo Rug.  Saturdays at my parents-in-laws' are like a family reunion.  All of us visit her and FIL and stay there the whole day. She would prepare lunch and dinner cooking our favorite foods.  We usually order the snacks because the kids love to nosh on burgers and pizzas. 

We love to spend time and laze around the living room, chatting or sometimes having dvd marathons.  It's actually everyone's favorite place in the house.  You can just imagine how crowded her living room gets on Saturdays with all her kids and grandchildren.  With a rug, the kids can sit or lie on them while watching or playing.

It was I who suggested the bamboo rug because I thinks it's easier to clean.  MIL is already old and is out of house help.  At least with this rug, she can easily lift it and clean the floor.  It is lightweight and she can clean it often.  My pick turned out to be a great idea because even the adults love to sit and lie on it.

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