Perfect Therapeutic Environment

Maybe this is what Eugene really needs; a therapeutic environment for addressing his drug rehabilitation.  Sunshine Summit Lodge is near Northern San Diego County, just a couple of hours drive from their home.

Eugene is the brother of a very good friend and my family have known all of them for quite a long time already.  His dependence to drugs started during his late teen years, when uncle Henry succumbed to cancer.  He took it too hard and found it difficult to accept that his dad is gone.  I have also seen her family suffer, especially aunt Sue, his mom, because of what happened to her youngest son. 

They tried to help him recover.  In fact, they have been to several drug rehab centers already.  Eugene will get well and leave drugs for a while but then he'll come back.  It has always been like that that aunt Sue is almost about to give up.  She didn't know what to do anymore because his son is not trying to help himself. 

Last week, aunt Sue found new hope in Eugene.  He came to her and finally admitted that he needs help.  If it came from him, then it's a good sign.  That means he is pretty serious in addressing his drug problems.  Sunshine Summit Lodge is what aunt Sue found for him.

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