The "New" Patio

My uncle's boss had decided to renovate and change all their furniture.  Instead of throwing away the garden set of his boss, my uncle asked if he could just have them.  Most of them are still in great condition except for the garden set.  These furniture sets are expensive and my uncle naturally felt that it's a waste to throw them away.  His boss told him to take anything that he likes and throw away the stuff he doesn't need.  Oh he took all of it, even the garden set with the broken seat.  There is a repair outdoor furniture shop near his house and he is sure that they can easily repair the chair.

He didn't spend much with the repair.  He even got the whole garden set repainted so it will look like new.  The furniture that they have in their patio before his boss decided to renovate were given to my cousin who recently bought her own apartment.  When my uncle posted pictures of his "new" patio, every one was jealous.  The furniture looked like new and they blended well in his patio and it also looked like they too, had a major renovation.  Of course, it's only us who knew that they were from his boss.

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