Andrew Gets Up Close and Personal with Diamonds

A 10th wedding anniversary is a landmark in any couple’s life. It is an achievement in itself since nowadays it is more common for couples to get divorced within a few years of their marriage. It is by no means a small feat, therefore, when a couple stays married for that long. Thus, when Andrew and Anna was about to celebrate that milestone in their life as a couple, Andrew had the bright idea of gifting Anna with a one-carat diamond ring. Being his aunt who had a particular passion for collecting diamond jewelry, Andrew thought it best to ask for my help in finding the best one-carat diamond ring for his lovely and loving wife.

Prior to going around the jewelry stores in our area, I had advised Andrew to read up on diamond shapes. I thought it would be best if he had an idea which shape of diamond he would find most appealing so that we could narrow down our search. If he knew what shape he wanted for his wife, then our search would be more specific. That would mean less time spent on our search.

I also thought it would be a good idea for him to browse through the website of Sugar Land Jewelers. I always recommend that website to anyone who wants to learn more about diamonds, their cuts, grades and shapes. Indeed, Andrew found the website very informative and after reading through the articles, he knew what shape of diamond he wanted and knew what to look for in purchasing a ring.

We set out one Saturday to visit my most trusted jeweler which was a good hour’s drive from our area. I wanted to show him what a good grade diamond looks like up close. I knew that it was unlikely that we would be making a purchase on that same day but I needed to show him what brilliance, clarity and cut means. I also emphasized the need to make purchases only from reputable jewelers whose diamonds are certified and properly graded by the Gemological Institute of America or the American Gem Society. I figured this would be an educational tour more than anything else. Andrew was prepared to give up so many of Saturdays, which is his golf day, just to make sure that he would find the perfect diamond for Anna.

True enough, when we got to the store and was presented the one-carat diamonds they had in stock, Andrew had a lot of questions. He studied each gem carefully and was not ashamed to ask questions. Hugo, my favorite gemologist and long-time friend patiently explained to him why a particular diamond is of lesser quality than another. Although he had made up his mind that the most practical choice for a diamond would be a round cut one, he was nevertheless enthralled by the beautiful stones Hugo presented to us. Now that Andrew had a really good idea what to look for in a diamond, the next step would be for him to determine the type of design he wanted for his wife. But that would be for another narrative.

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