Clear Pores and Minimize Blackheads

You've been diligently washing your face and using a good toner daily to keep your skin clear; still, you see blackheads marring your complexion.  More often, clogged pores are the reason behind this.  According to Dr. Jessica Wu, "Pores are the openings to oil glands, which are concentrated on the nose, chin, and forehead (an area often referred to as the T zone). When oil, or sebum, gets trapped in the pores and then comes into contact with the air, it turns dark, creating blackheads."  She adds that dead skin cells can also be trapped in the pores and build up, they stretch out the pores; thus they appear bigger. 

If you want to minimize the pores from looking bigger, here's what you should do:

1)  Exfoliate regularly. Look for a foaming scrub that contains salicylic acid if your skin is very oily.

2)  Use deep cleansing pore strips to remove oil and dirt.  This will help remove the oil temporarily but using it at least twice weekly will help clear your pores.

3)  Use a primer especially when you wear makeup; this will help minimize the appearance of blackheads by smoothing out the surface of your skin and soaking up oil.

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