Improve the Sound Quality of Your Home Theater Room with Carpets

My husband and I never knew that installing a carpet in our home theater entertainment room will help improve the quality the sound.  Yes, just like at the movie theaters where they have carpets, it can help minimize the noise because it sort of works as a barrier between the floors.  You'll have better surround sound if you install carpet on your flooring, the carpet salesman says. 

We were both convinced with this and my husband is already thinking of having the rug installed.  What worried me was the cleaning.  He and the kids love to munch on snacks while watching movies; spills and stains can't be avoided, that's for sure.  It's not like there is a carpet cleaning calgary where I live.  And if there's a company that does the same kind of service, I doubt they are as good and if their prices are affordable.

As I was contemplating on these things, hubs kept on convincing me to have it installed.  He kept telling me that the room will be more comfortable and that it will also improve the air circulation.  He added that we'll save more on energy because it can help maintain the coolness of the room; point well taken so I agreed.

By the way, if you live in Calgary or anywhere near there, you might want to hire them to clean your rugs.  You may contact them at AlbertaPro Cleaning Solutions: 612-500 County Hills Boulevard, Calgary, AB T3K 5K3, (403) 948-4048.

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