Replacing Hard-to-Find Light Bulbs is Easy with Genesis

Running a small photography studio is not without the usual hitches. A perennial problem has always been replacing the special light bulbs that are normally used in photography. Because they are specialty light bulbs, one is hard-put to find them off the racks of any supermarket, hardware or even a store specializing in light fixtures. They have to be pre-ordered and one has to make sure that there is always a spare in their inventory to ensure that their service is not interrupted due to lack of the proper lighting. Because of the myriad types of specialty bulbs used by professional photographers, keeping track of one’s inventory is problem. Moreover, there are types that are simply hard to find and finding replacement light bulbs for them can truly be a pain.

Coming across the website of Genesis Lamp Corporation finally ended our woes with respect to replacing our specialty light bulbs in the studio. Living in a small town did not make it easy for us to find replacements for our specialty light bulbs. Genesis Lamp Corporation has a comprehensive inventory of specialty lighting for photography studios. We were pleased to find that their inventory included everything from modeling lights to all types of flashtubes. And their excellent customer service ensures that we have our replacement light bulbs whenever we need them. The ease and convenience of ordering from them online has ended our worries of not having replacement light bulbs for our specialty lights when we need them.

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