Unique Wedding Bands and Jewelry from Todd Alan Studios

Preparations for a wedding ceremony entail a lot of hard work beginning with finding the right wedding bands for the bride and groom. But a wedding coordinator has to deal with all these to create truly special wedding for a special couple. Thus, it is important for wedding coordinators and event planners to always be updated with new designs, new patterns of everything from wedding rings to floral arrangements and couture wedding garments.

A fresh idea for unique wedding rings is provided by Todd Alan Studios. Talented artisan Todd Alan has come up with utterly unique jewelry that is handmade from the finest materials. His signature style is the hand-braided ring which he accomplishes using a method called “fusing.” This design style is produced using round strands of precious metals such as gold, platinum and silver that are braided together then “fused” at the end to create a distinct band that only he produces. Each piece he works on is a work of art and the unique wedding bands that he produces are entirely different from other wedding bands in the market today.

Wedding bands and rings are not the only things he makes, though. Todd Alan also likes to work on specially commissioned pieces that are reflective of his client’s ideas. As a testament to the uniqueness of his works, he only begins work on a piece when the order comes in. All orders have a 30-day risk free return policy and online orders are guaranteed secure. Indeed, his works can be recommended to any client without any fears.

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