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Problems with my kitchen sink necessitated that my cousin check out the web for plumber information in Texas. She just moved from Oklahoma a month ago and had not established a solid relationship with any plumbers in her area. She did not want to bother her next-door neighbor due to the lateness of the hour but she knew she had to contact one first thing in the morning to have her problem fixed as soon as possible. But she had her work cut out for her because excellent plumbers can be hard to find. 

Coming across the website of Ernie’s Plumbing Service was a fortunate coincidence. They offered plumbing services within her area and had 20 years of experience to boast of. Naturally, their website described their technicians as licensed, courteous and professional but she had to admit she was skeptical at first. She emailed them directly through the website and received a confirmation almost immediately. A plumber came the next day to check on her kitchen sink and came up with an estimate. Once she agreed to the estimate, the work was started almost immediately. My cousin's clogged kitchen sink was de-clogged within the day and she was assured that the work was guaranteed a hundred percent. Luckily, she did not have to call them back as the kitchen sink worked perfectly afterwards. Now she knows there is a plumbing service she can rely on in my new home.

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