Unique Wedding Decorations

I am still amazed that Zoren, a local male star has kept everything a secret to Carmina when he planned their wedding.  He and Carmina have been together for fourteen years and they were blessed with adorable twins.  Everyone knew about the wedding but Carmina.  She didn't have an idea that it was going to be her wedding.  All she knew was they are going to have a photo shoot for an ice cream commercial.  When she saw the wedding decorations she even commented that she didn't have an idea it was going to be this big.  She thought it was just one of those ads that their family do for Selecta.

She was so surprised when she found out that it's for real and she was crying when Zoren asked her to marry him.  I won't go much with the details but it was a simply ceremony but it was a very beautiful wedding.  It was truly a unique wedding surprise.

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