Creepy Wedding Invitations?

Nowadays, people come up with the most unique things when it comes to weddings.  Just last week, a couple who had a very unique wedding was featured on the show I was watching.  They had their pre-nuptial photos taken in an old (creepy) abandoned building.  The theme?  Zombies!  The couple is a great fan of the TV series Walking Dead and they thought dressing up as zombies would be very unique.  Well they are unique!  I can't imagine myself looking like a zombie for my pre-nup photos and handing out scary wedding invitations to friends and family.  But the photos turned out really great.  The makeup artist did a great job because they looked so real.  During the wedding, the bride wore a black gown and the groom a white and black suit.  All the guests were requested to wear black.  All the guests were saying it was a unique and beautiful wedding.

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