Military Style Aviator Jackets at Landing Zone

Landing Zone is the best website to go to if you are in the market for military jackets at truly affordable prices. They offer a widest selection of Aviator jackets from the world’s best brands and manufacturers at the lowest prices you can find in the market today. They are committed to provide only the best customer service and offer full guarantees for their products. Moreover, you can shop on their site at no risk because they also guarantee a full refund as long as the product is returned unworn, unwashed and without defects.

A wide selection of A-2 leather flight jackets is offered by Landing Zone. These specially designed aviator jackets has become the symbol of the American pilot and is an item that is very much in demand because of the status symbol that goes with wearing one. Landing Zone offers this type in the traditional medium brown as well as in black. Also available at the website are G-1 military jackets popularized by Tom Cruise when he wore it in the film “Top Gun.” The G-1 remains a uniform-issued item to all naval aviation officers and personnel that are on flying status in the US Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. A-1 style flight jackets that were once standard Navy issue jackets in the 1920s to 1931 are also sold by the company and are on sale now. A host of other jacket styles that were once or still are standard issue flight jackets by the different military agencies in the US are readily available at Landing Zone. You need not be in the military to own an aviator jacket. Just buy one at Landing Zone.

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