Monitoring the Temperature of My Fresh Produce with Freshloc

Being a distributor of fruits, one of my biggest worries is spoilage. This occurs when the temperature within my storage units are not kept in the proper conditions. Product quality and freshness are the bases on which customers decide to purchase from any food company and often, they equate the way you handle your products with these criteria.

Keeping my products fresh often relies on the proper monitoring of the temperatures in our storage facilities, whether they are permanent or temporary. I rely on FreshLoc Technologies for logging and monitoring the temperature in our permanent storage facilities as well as in our refrigerated trucks which deliver our produce. They help me strengthen each link in the delivery process, beginning with the point at which the fresh produce are delivered to our facility to the point where they are delivered to the customers.

FreshLoc Technologies does not stop at monitoring the temperatures of my facilities. They alert me and my maintenance personnel when there are equipment problems which need to be looked into. There has been a significant reduction in service calls since I contracted their services. They have assisted me in making the operational process of my distribution network compliant with food safety regulations. With FreshLoc Technologies, you are assured that your food distribution business runs smoothly and effectively.

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