The Fastest Way to Lose Weight with HCG

HCG has become a popular and dynamic weight loss supplement and has engendered a loyal and growing following. It is specifically designed for rapid weight loss. Made from naturally occurring hormone in our body, the HCG drops is further enhanced with selected amino acids and herbal extracts to provide essential nutrition while the HCG hormone does its work.

What the hormone does is to signal the body to release the fats stored in our system. When the fat is released, our body in turn burns it down. As a result, our body burns down fats and calories without any exercise. Nor do individuals who use the HCG diet plan feel any food cravings because their bodies are using up the fats that are already stored in their system. Some hunger may be felt but that is only natural.

Reduced intake of calories is unwise without using HCG drops in conjunction with the diet plan. It is not recommended that you reduce your intake of calories to 500 a day without using HCG drops. Your body could enter into starvation mode and weight reduction will cease. The low fat diet plan combined with HCG suppresses your appetite while your hypothalamus tells your body to release the fats. This diet plan is only for a couple of weeks so stick to the plan and lose weight fast with HCG.

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MERYL JAFFE, PhD - parent, psychologist, teacher, author... said...

Interesting. I am grateful that I don't need HCG although minding what I eat and working out are essentail for me.

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