The Unity Ceremony for a Memorable Wedding

The wedding ceremony, if you think about it, is really a very short affair. The exchange of vows leading up the kiss takes up a very short time, usually less than half an hour. The addition of a unity ceremony to the traditional exchange of vows has become increasingly popular in modern-day weddings. It adds a visual element to the symbolism of the exchange of wedding vows. The unity ceremony comes in various forms according to the traditions of the families of the bride and groom.

The most common variation of the Unity ceremony is that which uses candles. The union of the two individuals is visually signified with the use of three candles: two smaller tapered candles and a larger pillar candle. The mothers of the bride and groom light the smaller candles at the start of the ceremony and the couple takes these candles and uses them to light the bigger pillar candle. The two smaller candles represent the bride and the groom. Lighting the pillar candle, which represents their union, symbolizes their choice to unite and live their lives together from that moment on. The smaller candles can also represent the individual families where the couple comes from. By igniting the pillar candle, the message that is sent is that these families are now blended together with the union of the individuals.  The unity ceremony makes the whole event a more memorable event for the couple and their guests.

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