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There are so many ways to be and feel beautiful. Not because you are getting older means you have to look your age. There are so many ways to trick mother nature, but I would rather age gracefully than have plastic surgeons take away my wrinkles. I'm actually proud of my age and I don't really feel old at all. Except for my salt and pepper hair which is concealed through hair dyes and my wearing of eyeglasses, anyone would think I'm still in my 30's. Check out for prescription eyeglasses that can make you look younger. 

Many of my friends are annoyed and they fret when asked about their age, but in my opinion being obsessed about your age will only make you feel older. You fret and then get stressed if you think about it too much. A dear friend once commented here, "Aging is a state of mind. The body grows older and older, but if one's mind keeps its youth, then the possibilities are endless." 

There are many other ways to feel younger such as exercise, getting engaged and of course, laughter. What really matters is how you look at yourself and how you feel, remember, it's only the body that grows old. ;)

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