Dental Health No-Nos

Do you bite your nails, clench your jaw or crunch on ice? Stop if you do because you wrecking your teeth without even knowing it. While some of these dental health “don’ts” can do immediate damage to your teeth, the effects of others may add up over time, harming your teeth (and even gums) in the long run. If you love your teeth, nix these dental bad habits.

1) Thumb Sucking - Kids who still suck their thumbs after their permanent teeth start coming in could be causing permanent changes that affect tooth and jaw structure. It can cause a misalignment of the teeth, leading to a number of issues, such as difficulty in chewing food and breathing problems.

2) Don't Suck Lemons - People who do may be putting their dental health in jeopardy. Lemons are packed with lots of acids that may destroy the enamel of the teeth. Repeated exposure to acidic substances can cause tooth enamel to erode, creating a rough texture on the surface of your teeth.

3)  Don't Brush Too Hard

Brushing your teeth regularly is of course a part of good oral hygiene, but if you brush too vigorously, you can cause more harm than good. Vigorous brushing can wear down the enamel of your tooth, irritate your gums, make your teeth sensitive to cold, and even cause cavities. This happened to me and my dentist recommended using soft-bristled toothbrush.

4)  Refrain From Jaw Clenching and Tooth Grinding - There is a severe amount of pressure on your teeth when you do that, causing your teeth to fracture.

5)  Don't crunch on ice - The cold temperature and the hardness of ice cubes can cause serious damage to your teeth.

6)  Your Teeth Are Not a Tool - Never use your teeth to rip open a bag of potato chips, open a bottle of soda, break off a tag on clothing or even unscrew bottle tops. This could pose a threat to dental health and can damage dental work or cause your teeth to crack.

7)  Don't Bite Your Pencil or Pen - If you have a habit of holding objects between your teeth when thinking or concentrating on a task, STOP. You might not realize it but you are actually putting pressure on your teeth when doing so.

8)  Nix Nail Biting - It doesn't only make your hands look awful but it can also damage your teeth.

9)  Avoid Drinking Soda - Carbonated drinks are acidic and can corrode your enamel.

10) Use Toothpicks Carefully - Toothpicks can help keep the areas between your teeth clean if you know how to do it properly. Not doing it right will only hurt gum tissues. Infected or inflamed tissues can cause damage to your teeth.

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