Meeting Tile Installation Challenges with Ditra and Kerdi

Schluter Systems began as a tile installation company in 1966. Established by Werner Schluter, a Master Tile Setter, Schluter Systems came into being after its founder developed an ingenious way of protecting the exposed tile edges by installing a metal “L” angle before placing the tiles, thus giving birth to its first product, the Schluter Schiene. This was in 1975 and since then, Schluter Systems has continued to develop a long line of products that addresses the problems that come with installing tiles. In 1990, their name was changed to Schluter Systems.

The Schluter-Ditra line was developed in 1987 to replicate the established sand strata method but uncouples the tile with the substrate. The Ditra line is an uncoupling membrane that replaces the sand strata method but eliminates the stresses in the force-conductive assembly of the sand strata method. It also incorporates into the coupling membrane waterproofing and vapor management capabilities which you cannot find in the sand strata method.

The Schluter-Kerdi line is a bonded waterproofing membrane introduced in the same year. The membrane is attached to the substrate, thus allowing the direct application of the tile using the thin-set method. This eliminates the danger of moisture getting into the mortar setting bed, effectively reducing the risk of leakage and mold growth in wet areas.

South Shore Flooring is a proud dealer of Ditra and Kerdi flooring accessories that helps ensure that your bathrooms and kitchens are waterproof and your tiles are safe from cracking and chipping so that they can last longer and prevent expensive re-tiling costs. Visit their website today and check out their line of Schluter Systems products to address the usual tile installation challenges for your bathroom and kitchen renovations.

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