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My sister was panicking when she called us up the early morning of Monday. She just got home from work and was surprised to find her apartment flooded. Louise is sharing an apartment with a friend and she is occupying the basement. All her furniture were soaked and most of her stuff were floating.

I called up the plumbing company to check on her pipes. The guys act fast because it only took them half an hour and they were already at her door. The pipe under her kitchen sink broke because it was already old and rusty. Thank God that was the first thing hubs checked when we bought an old house. We changed all the pipes and also rewired the whole house before we moved in.

The plumbers her an estimate on how much it would cost her to have the pipe changed and after agreeing, they worked on it right away. She was pleased at how the guys worked fast and efficiently. The clean up even took longer than the work. She's planning to call them again to check her other pipes. I think she wants all her pipes changed because she doesn't want this incident to happen again. Imagine coming home from work tired and sleepy only to be surprised that your house is flooded; that would freak me out, too.

The crew who went to work on her pipe were the same guys who came with the previous call I made when we had our old pipes replaced. I specifically requested for them because they work fast and I knew my sister's problem would be solved quickly.

There's more from Roto-Rooter besides plumbing maintenance. If you have problems with your toilet, you can call your local roto rooter plumbers to work on it. They do toilet repairs, unclog drains and even help you with frozen pipes. Their plumbers are reliable and professional. I like that they are careful when working inside the house because they bring in their equipment with care and they even cover their working boots so they wouldn't leave a scratch on your floor. They also clean up their mess so that's really a big plus for me.

*This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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