The Plan Saved Her from Spending More

My sister is so relieved that she had a dental insurance. If not for that, she would have spent more than a thousand dollars for a single porcelain crown. Oh yeah, that's how much she would be charged if she didn't have a plan. She lives in New York and if you're familiar with their dental services, you know it could get too expensive.

She had some reservations when it was first offered to her by a friend. She didn't believe in a life insurance more so, a dental plan. She is so glad that for some reason, her friend was able to convince her to purchase the plan for a year. Just a couple of months have passed after she bought the plan that her dentist told her that she needed a porcelain crown for one of her molars. The price was a hefty $1500. The plan she got really help and she only paid for $500.

What she thought was an added expense actually turned out to be a great blessing to her. She subscribed to an insurance plan that covers dental packages. She plans to continue with the plan because now she realized how big a help it could be.

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