The Case for Dental Implants

Ideally, every adult would take good care of their teeth and would be in any accidents that broke any teeth, but that is not real. In fact, many adults, for one reason or another, lose a permanent tooth. If lucky, the lost tooth may be in the back and not noticeable in a smile. However, some are not as lucky and they lose a tooth that is easily visible in their smile. When this is the case, the best answer is an implant. Plenty of dentists do dental implants in Encino. To find one, simply do a little search.

What Is an Implanted Tooth?

Everyone learns at a young age about how he or she gets only two sets of teeth. There are the baby teeth, which eventually fall out as a child. These are the ones put under the pillow to await the exchange of a tooth for money from the tooth fairy. After that, the adult teeth come in and those are not replaceable. However, the truth is they can be replaced with something called an implant. Essentially, this is a fake tooth, made from titanium, which looks just like a real tooth. Implants can be done in most cases, especially if they are done shortly after losing the tooth being replaced. These implants look just like the real tooth and they function just like a real tooth as well. The only difference, in reality, is that they will not decay like a real tooth will. Once an implant is in place, it will be good forever.

The Difference between a Bridge and an Implant

There is another option in regards to a missing tooth. That other option is to do something called a bridge. Essentially, this also looks like a real tooth, at least from the front. It is narrow and is not meant to be functional like an implant is. Therefore, while a bridge will improve your smile, it is not like replacing the tooth for functional purposes. It is better to find a dentist that does dental implants in Encino.They will be partial to doing an implant if at all possible.

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