Boost Your Energy with GungHo

Disclaimer: I have received this product for review. Opinions are 100 percent mine.

If there is one person in this house who loves to drink energy drinks, it's my son, Joey. He has tried a lot: Gatorade, Monster, Poweraid, etc. Although he doesn't take them regularly, I have reservations about those drinks. I know for one that they contain sugar and caffeine and God knows what else to keep you feeling energized. Diabetes runs in my family and that's what I'm really afraid of. So I keep reminding him to slow down on those power drinks.

Then I had the opportunity to review GungHo. I did a little research first before I actually agreed to do it. The energy drink apparently is made from natural ingredients and at proven effective doses will help improve focus and concentration. What makes it different from other drinks is the effect is long term and unlike other products that only gives you short-term energy. Another thing is it has a lasting impact on brain energy, so your mind is not cloudy and you can think clearly.

Health / Performance Benefits:
  • Boosts short & long-term memory 
  • Supports brain health; helps maintain normal cognitive function with aging 
  • Elevates mood - beta endorphines 
  • No rush/jitters/crash 
  • No sugar/calories/carbonation, gluten-free 
  • Endurance - choline supports muscle resynthesis 
  • Convenient liquid packet - take anywhere, anytime 

I asked my son if he would like to give it a try and take the challenge, he said yes. We were both excited when this package arrived to my doorstep.

The instructions were for him to take one packet daily for three days and not to drink soda or other sweet drinks.

Day 1

He took it before going to school and said he felt the effect right away. He had so much energy during the day and didn't feel sleepy at all. He is usually too tired when he comes home from school and would just lie down on the floor for a while before even changing his clothes. He commutes to and from school. His first class starts at 7 am and the last finishes at 5 pm so you can just imagine how tired he is when he arrives home.

Day 2

He took it again before leaving the house. He had the same load of energy and didn't feel tired at all. He even went walking with me after supper.

Day 3 He took it as usual and had the same effect. Not a crash effect after drinking it for 3 consecutive days in a row and had a continuous energized feeling with great concentration and quick recall.

I think this is something that I will allow him to take if he needs to have more energy and I would recommend this product for athletes and other people who need an extra boost of energy.

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