Give a Shaving Supplies Basket for His Birthday

Deciding on what to get your man for his birthday is not always an easy thing. Some men truly do not give any idea of what they would like for their birthday. Sometimes this is because they do not want anything and other times it is because they are simply too busy to think about their own birthday. For some people, a birthday is a much bigger deal than it is for others. However, in the end, you know you will need to get him a gift. Giving him a basket full of shaving supplies is a great idea. Shaving is something that he likely does at least weekly, if not every day.

What Supplies to Put in the Basket

If your man shaves with the standard cheap razors and shaving cream, it can be a real treat to give him a gift basket with some nicer razors to use when shaving. In fact, it can be fun to introduce your man to the world of shaving bowls, brushes, and aftershaves. He will feel special and like the fact that his better half has given him something nice that is just for him. Another little something that can be included in a basket like this is a gift certificate to some place to purchase additional items or restock on the nice razors you have given him. Of course, adding a little treat to the basket and maybe even tickets to a show and gift cards for dinner would be a great way to turn the basket into a date.

The Reason Some Men Don’t Spend Money on Shaving Items

It may surprise some to see their man appreciate nicer razors and shaving supplies. This can easily cause a woman to wonder why her man has not always used these things. In some cases, it is because he simply was not aware the products existed. Perhaps he was never exposed to the nicer shaving products. However, more often than not, it is because he is sacrificing his own personal comfort and wants so his family and wife can have more. This is why it is special to give him something nice that is just for him.

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