How to Shop at Flea Markets

A flea market is an excellent way to find new goods and bargains. Flea markets in Sarasota, FL, are held in wide open spaces, and renters fill these smaller spaces to sell their items for a profit. These are typically used items, so you can purchase these for a very affordable price. These prices are often not set; you can barter with the sellers to arrive at a reasonable compromise. In addition to these goods, you can typically buy foods and snacks such as nachos and ice cream. For tips on how to make the most of your trip to a flea market, rely on these suggestions.

General Tips

First of all, know the best times to be at a flea market. Go early in the morning to beat the crowd. It’s widely known that rain and adverse weather detract customers and decrease sales, so check your local weather forecast to attend at these times so you can get better deals. It also helps to visit the market just when it’s wrapping up. Chances are sellers want to give away certain items they could not sell. Remember these other tips as well. Browse the selection of goods to see if the styles appeal to you. If not, move on to the next space. Keep in mind that you should think outside the box; you never know what uses you could find for an old bowl or vintage decorative pieces. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, ask the seller to see what else he or she may have in stock. You may be in luck when they go search in the back. Last, inspect the merchandise closely to see if there are any cracks or defects.


Part of going to flea markets in Sarasota, FL, is knowing how to bargain. This takes a good amount of practice and skill to master. Stick to these pointers if you want to be successful. For one, don’t appear too eager. Looking interested detracts from your bargaining power and the seller will think he or she can get away with a higher price. Don’t pay too much attention to what’s on the sticker. Come up with your own price, and start low. The seller will keep trying to up the price, so a starting price that is half of what you’re willing to spend prevents the dollar signs from racking up.

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