Postpone Getting Older with Sunscreen

Did you know that simply protecting your skin from the sun can help turn back the clock? You can blame the sun for those ugly dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles, and dry and flaky skin. Applying sunscreen on your skin before heading out the door is a simple daily precaution that can have a profound effect on the way your skin ages. Doing so will save your skin from years of sun damage, unnecessary wrinkles, and spots. And even when the sun is not too hot or it's raining outside, be sure to stay covered because the sun’s ultraviolet rays can attack your skin in every season.

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Pynk said...

I forget to wear my sunscreen when it is cloudy & I know it is bad! Always put some on when the sun is out though. I love the scent of it as well as the skin benefits. The fragrance reminds me of the beach.

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