Feed Your Face with the Right Foods

Feeding your face with the right foods can make your skin glow and become blemish free. Oh, but you don't have to fuss in the kitchen all day to prepare great meals that's good for your skin. Whether you are in your home or in a restaurant, you can make healthier choices, for smoother skin and a tighter body. Things you should watch out for are salt because it can worsen under-eye bags and bloating; sugar because it breaks down collagen; and dairy because it has been linked to acne. Read on...

Watch your portions. Portions tend to be large in restaurants so as much as possible, don't try to eat it all up at once. Split it up with a friend or ask your server to put half your meal in a take-out container. Large servings mean there are more salt, sugar, fats and dairy in those meals, which can be bad for your skin and figure.

Steer clear of processed meals. Processed food have fewer nutrients but loaded with sugar, salt, and dairy.

Slow down with condiments. Cram-based dressings and sauces tend to be loaded with butter, cream, salt, and sugar. If there are no other dressing available, it's better to ask for dressings on the side and then dip your food into them. You will still get the flavor without irritating your skin, and you'll save on calories.

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