Things You Should Know About Washing Your Face

I'm sure you already know that good skin starts with a clean face, but if you think simply washing your face is enough for you to have a clean face, think again. For you to have a clean face, you need to remove your makeup first before you can start washing. The cleanser can't reach your skin if you still have your makeup on. Besides, most cleansers can't remove makeup; you will need a good makeup remover to do it.

Never use soap on your face. Most soaps contain drying ingredients which your facial skin don't need. Look for a facial cleanser that's gentle on your skin. So, how often do you need to wash your face? Once in the morning and in the evening is best.

When you are done cleansing, rinse thoroughly and repeatedly to remove cleanser. Use tepid or lukewarm water to rinse your face. Too hot or too cold water could irritate skin. And remember, cleaning involves more than just a cleanser. You should wash your hands thoroughly before you even begin washing your face. Then, dry your face by gently patting a clean towel; don't rub!

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