Review: Aiming To Inspire a Nation Home Fragrances

As I was typing away on my keyboard the man beside me was talking in his sleep. Apparently, he was dreaming of Palawan and heard him say he can smell sea and flowers combined with green and woody notes. Haha! I nudged him awake to tell him he is not just dreaming of paradise, but he is actually smelling Palawan. With a puzzled look, he sniffed and smiled.

I was recently sent some samples of ATIN (it means "ours" and it stands for Aiming To Inspire a Nation). It's a line of home fragrances that aims to bring you the finest scents of the Philippines. And what are the scents of the Philippines, in case you're wondering? Woody, fruity, tropical, the smells of flowers and of course, the sea. Yup, the young girl behind ATIN made scents to remind you of what the country is famous for: Palawan, Boracay, Intramuros, Sampaguita and Mango Tree and bottled it up! How cool is that?

image borrowed from ATIN website

What's even more surprising is that the owner of ATIN, Sabrina Co, is only 17 years old. Her passion for perfumery inspired her to create the unique scents of ATIN; fragrances that represent our country. Using only the finest of ingredients, Sabrina has created 12 scents that will remind you of the best scents of the Philippines: Palawan, Sampaguita, Boracay, Mango Tree, Intramuros, Burnham Park, Hardin, Fruit Market, Milagrosa, Coconut Palm, Dalandan and Pina (pineapple). I got the Palawan fragrance and I just love how it smells, but it's the Fruit Market scent I'm most curious about. I can just imagine how sweet the smell can be just thinking of melons, ripe mangoes, pineapples, guavas and all those citrus fruits blended all together.

What I love about ATIN?

First, the packaging is world-class.  I love how every item was packaged delicately using brown paper and cardboard materials. In short, SOSYAL! That's how Filipinos call something that looks beautiful and expensive. I'm not sure though, if the materials were recycled, but if they were, then that's even greater.

I was sent the reed diffusers, soy wax candle and room and linen spray. I tried the reed diffusers in our room. I poured some liquid inside the Amber bottle, placed the reeds into the bottle and let them sit for about 15 minutes.

I flipped over the reeds and the room started smelling like Jasmine and the sea with hints of greens and woods. That was hours ago already and I only flipped them once, but the scent still lingers in the room. So for this, a little goes a long, long way.

Same goes with the room and linen spray that I used in the other room; the fragrance stayed for hours.

As for the soy wax candle, I have not lit it up, yet. But the whiff of Jasmine when I took a sniff is simply irresistible.

What I don't like about ATIN?

I honestly don't find anything that I don't like about these products. The packaging is super and the scent is heavenly.

Would I recommend it?

Absolutely! It's great not just for home use but a wonderful gift as well. Even tourists who visit and loved the country can bring along with them the best scents of the Philippines in a bottle!

ATIN fragrances are available in scented soy wax candles, automatic air fragrance dispenser, reed diffusers and room and linen sprays. You can purchase them at all Kultura Concept Store branches in Mall of Asia, Makati Annex, Megamall A and SM Aura Premier. For more information about these wonderful products, please visit the ATIN website, or like them on Facebook or follow on Twitter for updates.

ATIN supports Jollibee's Busog, Lusog, Talino (BLT) school feeding program so every purchase means you're helping feed some school children.

I'll be hosting a giveaway for ATIN products soon, so please watch out for it.

Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed here are 100% mine and was in no way influenced by the brand or anyone. All photos used in the review were taken by myself or family. Do keep in mind that what works for me may not work for you. However, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Chubskulit Rose said...

Those would]d be a nice gift set to give to someone, very unique.

Winnie Aurelio said...

wow..i love this concept. I love fragrance diffusers and scents that would really make you relax :) This is actually nice.

Theseller frank said...

This on is really nice for gift, but I used to send gift that are based on need of person.

Marie said...

I could imagine the scent! I love diffusers too because it makes me relax

Chubskulit Rose said...

I love home fragrances like these that are locally made.

Ria C said...

I have several diffusers at home but they are rather costly here. So I just buy a refill each time.

Those are really lovely products sis. I think, they are really nice and unique gifts to give as presents.

Eliz Frank said...

I love diffusers but what makes this even more special is the owner is so young. What a smart business lady at that age... The packaging is great too.

Aisha Kristine Chong said...

The owner seems to be impressing for such a young age - it seems this would be successful in the long run and it is so nice to have a smell like that in the household - I could use them in my room and our house itself, too.

Joy said...

i love the fresh smell of flowers, i'll check this out :)

Dhadha said...

This will be the perfect gift to my mother in law who loves to buy fragrant diffusers (and scented cancles). Nakakarelax daw sya. Will try to look for this sa Kultura sa SM Dept Store. :)

AdinB said...

I can just imagine how lovely the scent it gives in the room. I miss Philippines, the ocean, the fresh seafood, everything! How lovely. Sounds like some great ATIN products.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Aside from the scent, I also love the design of their packaging.

April McGregor said...

I am crazy over candles, incense and plug in scents. Also the packaging of this are so gorgeous.

Peach and Things said...

WOW! I would love to try those products! Will be watching out for the giveaway.

Kaye - I Love Keisha said...

My husband talks too while sleeping. I find young entrepreneurs really inspiring.

caaai said...

Hi! I was wondering if you could put me in touch with the PR of ATIN? I handle a magazine and am working on a feature on scented candles. Having trouble reaching their PR because they don't post their number anywhere and email doesn't seem to elicit a response. If you could help, my email address is kathleen[dot]subijano[at]gmail[dot]com. Thank you! Much appreciated.

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