Three Style Secrets to Look Sleek in Khakis

Khakis are a great all season outfit, but it can make you look sloppy if you don't wear it right. Below are three secrets to make you look fab in your khakis.

Cuff it higher

The inseam will look awkwardly short, if you cuff it low. This will also cause your legs appear short. Khakis with a higher rise have an extended inseam. This will not only make you look great, but your legs would look long and lean. Yup, even when your pants are rolled up!

If you like crops, try the ones without pockets

Straight leg Capris with vertical pockets tend to pucker and pooch out to the sides. This style optically adds width right across the hips, making you appear wider. Cropped pants without pockets fit flush at the hips, creating a long column and drawing the eye up and down for a thinner lower torso.

Fitted Trousers

Never go with baggy trousers if you don't want to lose the shape of your legs and make your thighs appear thick. Opt for fitted pants that taper in at the knees to show off the nice curves of your legs. Fitted pants also help thighs appear more slender.

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