All-Year Cheer from Bloominous

Need to add beauty to your home or office? Plants and flowers are the perfect way to add brightness and warmth to any room or setting. They are also affordable if you just know where to get them. They could even be free if you have them in your garden.

A secondhand water glass brimming with charming blooms from your garden placed on your dining or side table offers a pop of pretty for pennies. Simply cut about a dozen garden flowers (like Narcissi, Forget-me-nots, and roses) to 3" lenghts. Then arrange them in pairs in a short, 3"-tall water-filled glass and voila! You have a beautiful arrangement instantly.

Unexpected containers, like colanders, mugs, coffeepots could also work as planters. You can line them up on a dinner table for a festive centerpiece, then after dessert, you can give those containers to your guests as a way of saying thank you for coming over to your party.

If you need more flower party ideas, I found an interesting website that offers easy and gorgeous DIY arrangements kits for weddings and other occasions.  Look at the samples below.

Hop on over to the Bloominous website and you'll be amazed with their novel ideas. They also have a team of experts who design collections that are not only beautiful, but also really easy to arrange. A step-by-step easy to follow pictorials are provided to make it easy to build a beautiful piece in just a few minutes. You can save a lot of money from this website, plus you get to make your own arrangement.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

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Catherine said...

Looks beautiful; all very creative and pretty. Blessings, Catherine

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