Review: Best Organic Argan Oil by Pure Body Naturals

I'd like to thank Pure Body Naturals for making this conversation possible and providing me with the samples to facilitate this review.

Product Description

The Essential Product for Keeping Your Body Radiant by Restoring Hair, Skin, Nails with Our Pure Argan Oil.

Pure Body Naturals Pure Argan Oil Will Give You:

• Revitalised, Repaired and Radiant Hair

  • Moisturized Hydrated Beautiful Skin 
  • Strong and Healthy Nails
  • Treating dry and unhydrated skin, eczema
  • Reduce Symptoms of Aging like Wrinkles and Puffiness
  • An all-round Healthy Beautiful Attractive Glow

My Thoughts

I really like using Argan Oil because it tames my frizzy hair and it leaves my hair and skin feeling soft. I'm used to its earthy scent, but I like this one better because it has no scent. I used it right after taking a shower and as expected, my hair is in place and my skin feels silky smooth. I also like the fact that nothing was added to make this oil. It's the pure Argan Oil and it's organic.

I also read in one of the reviews that the oil is great for eczema, too, so I did try it on my rough spot. I was surprised that the skin softened after a few days and it's starting to get better. I used to buy an expensive cream for this, but from now on, I will only be using Argan Oil.

Overall, I had a great experience with this oil. Not only does it moisturize skin, hair and nails, it works for eczema, too! I highly recommend this.

Where to buy?

You can purchase the Best Organic Argan Oil through Pure Body Naturals website and on Amazon. It retails at $14.95.

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