Book Review: Roaring Hot - A Motorcycle Romance by Rachelle Ayala

I was recently invited to review yet another exciting romance, Roaring Hot by Rachelle Ayala.

Book Description

Motorcycle racer Teo Alexiou is challenged by his grandmother to come to her birthday party with a real girlfriend. He has plenty of party girls, and he fears getting roped into marriage so he hires an actress to play the part.

The last thing Amy Suzuki wants is to be a kept woman, but her student loans are piling up and acting gigs are nonexistent. She agrees to Teo’s proposal for one summer, limited to public displays of affection.

When Teo and Amy find themselves caught in love’s grip, their new desires war with their fears. Teo wants to renegotiate, but Amy insists she’s only with him because she is paid. She would never lose her heart to a man who uses money to buy affection.

Their game playing explodes when Teo is injured on the track and breaks her contract. Too late, Amy realizes her true feelings for Teo. Can she convince Teo she truly cares before he goes back to his party girls?

My Opinion

I've always loved Rachelle Ayala's book not only because they are great reads, but because her heroines are mostly Asians. I am an Asian and I feel that I can relate to the characters.

Roaring Hot, so far, is my favorite. The story of a billionaire playing a game and wasting so much money and ends up being trapped in his own game and falling in love is my kind of story. Teo met his match! It's always nice that in the end, billionaires learn that money is not everything.

This one is definitely a good read. It will keep you turning the pages and up at night. If you love romance, you'll love this book.

Where to buy?

You can purchase Roaring Hot - A Motocycle Romance by Rachelle Ayala, through her website and on Amazon, Nook and SmashWords.

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Rachelle Ayala said...

Thanks Liza for your review. I'm so glad you can relate to the characters in Roaring Hot! I really enjoyed writing their story. Thanks again and I much appreciate your reading and posting a review.


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