Review: My Bambino Cash Box

I recently received an email invite to review products from My Bambino, a website that caters to kids' needs. They have everything from clothes, toys, accessories, luggage, school supplies and furniture. The cute cash boxes got my attention, so I chose the pink cash boxes for the twins.

My mom taught us to save money in piggy banks while we were growing up. When it was my turn to become a mom, I also taught my kids to save. And now, that I am a grandma and the one taking care of the girls, I also want them to learn how to save money at an early age. They were given cash gifts last Christmas and although, they still don't understand it, I want them to start learning about saving. I figured the cash boxes would be a great way to introduce them to it.

Product Description

Metal box opens wide to store cash and valuables then locks to keep them safe. Combination and key-lock make it sibling proof. Coin slot on top. Comes with two keys, Mom and Dad can hide the spare. Ages 4 & up. 6" x 5" x 3" Choose from over 140 custom printed designs. Total price varies by design chosen. Available in red, purple, blue, and pink.

My Opinion

The cash boxes are very pretty and the girls loved them instantly. They were even impressed that their names are on them. I was asked to choose the designs and I gave them the girls' names to personalize the boxes. Each box was well crafted and the surface is smooth. The edges are rounded to make sure the kids won't get hurt when they hold or play with them.

The cash box comes with a key and a lock combination, which made it more fun because it makes them feel that their money is secured inside. I only made them use the key because they still can't handle the combination lock. But they're learning about the numbers, so I guess it wouldn't take long and they'd be able to use it as well.

They love it so much that they bring the cash boxes everywhere they go around the house. These are too precious for them and they even put the boxes beside them when they sleep.

Overall, the girls are having fun and they are in love with it. If you want to teach your child about saving money, this is a great and fun way to start. They have designs for boys, too.

My Bambino also offers a lot of other cute stuff on their website. If you have little kids, you may want to head over there and check their items.

Where to buy?

You can purchase the Cash Box through the My Bambino website. Prices range from $22.99 - $25.99.

Disclosure: Product/s mentioned above were sent to me by My Bambino for evaluation purposes. No monetary compensation was received to write the review. All opinions expressed here are 100% my own. However, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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Christinchen said...

aww! those sets are nifty, i love the colors especially! it will look great as a gift for avid savers :)

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