Product Review: Vitamin C Serum and Derma Roller

I was recently sent a sample of Vitamin C Serum and a Derma Roller to test and review.

Product Description

Do you want smoother better looking skin at a fraction of the cost? This set will cost you less than the purchase of the Vitamin C Serum in a spa. Skin Secret Vitamin C Serum has many benefits, including promoting skin hydration and locking in moisture to protect skin from drying out. It helps repair the skin's surface and restore elasticity has anti-aging properties and aids in protection from stress-related aging and promotes skin detoxification. Your skin will be protected from environmental stressors that could potentially cause premature aging. Going to a doctor to perform derma rolling for you can cost hundreds per visit. FAST RESULTS Using the Skin Secret Derma Roller allows your body to create collagen for natural and fast results. Not only do you get fast results from the Derma Roller, but it will also allow the Skin Secret Vitamin C Serum , and other lotions and serums to penetrate the skin. This will allow for visual and noticeable improvements can be achieved in just a few days! Your Derma 540 is made with Titanium alloy needles 1.0mm length, on a roller with a 540 needle count. Super easy to use Stimulates Collagen production No bruising, infection, discoloration, 'healing time' or other complications Cost effective Almost all skin types can be treated Extremely high absorption of any active ingredients from appropriate skin care products Skin Secret has 100% guarantee, if you are not completely satisfied, return with no questions asked. Don't Wait! This is the answer you have been looking for, an affordable skin treatment from home that really works! Get the results you've always wanted.

My Opinion

Vitamin C Serum

I've made Vitamin C Serum a part of my skin care regimen because it helps brighten age spots, reduce the size of enlarged pores and diminish the appearance of wrinkles. This serum from Skin Secret has a nice consistency and is unscented. It glides easily on the skin and it dries up fast. My skin absorbed the serum fast and it felt tight and smooth after application. I like that it didn't leave my face looking greasy.

I have been using it for more than a week and I've noticed some improvements. The pores near my nose are slightly smaller and my dark spots have lightened up a bit.

Overall, I had a good experience with the serum. It' very light and gentle on the skin.

Derma Roller

If you are not familiar with using derma rollers, you might get scared at aeeing the needles. But it's those needles that will actually help reduce fine lines and wrinkles and other early signs of aging.

The first time I used the roller, it hurt a little. But as I glided it through my skin, I eventually got used to it. My skin actually felt good after using the derma roller. It felt soft and just like what a regular massage does, my skin felt relaxed.

I've only started using it for a few days and I love how it makes my skin feel so smooth. I'm sure, this tool will continue to amaze me in the weeks to come.

Both products are amazing and I am loving the results that I am getting. If you are looking for a product to combat the signs of aging, I recommend you try these two.

Where to buy?

The Vitamin C Serum and Derma Roller can be purchased through the website and on Amazon.

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