Saving Money Tips for Back to School Clothes

While some kids are just starting their school vacation, it's the time of the year again for some parents to prepare for the opening of classes next month. You've already included notebooks, paper, pencils, ball pens, crayons and rulers in your list.

Oh, I hear you, buying school supplies seem like a never ending process, I always feel this way whenever school opening comes near. And this is especially true when you have three or more kids. But school supply shopping doesn't end there and if you think school materials cost a fortune, think again because back to school clothes definitely cost even more.

To help you save money when buying back to school clothes, here are some tips.

Go through your kids' clothes and make an inventory. Purge the clothes that are too small for them and the ones that they wear anymore because of wear and tear. For the remaining clothes, decide which ones you would like to keep and which ones you should pass on to the next child. This will give you an idea of what your kids have and what you should buy.

It will also help to upgrade your kids' clothes. Last year's clothes may be a little outdated, but adding iron on stickers, ribbons and other accessories can transform them into hip and cool fashion statements. Pants that still fit them, but are too short can be cut and transformed into shorts or Capri pants. You may also add beads or rhinestones for a cool, new look.

After sorting out your kids' clothes, check your budget. Check how much money are you willing to spend for their back to school clothes. Set aside a budget not just for clothes, but for shoes and accessories as well. Once you have determined how much money you will spend, make sure you stick to your budget. Check out Zalora, an online shop that offers a wide range of clothing for children. You can check out their collection here. I like that their clothes are fashionable and very affordable.

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