Simple Ways to Save Money

Saving money should be practiced early in life. It's something that helps prepare our kids for their future. That's probably why my parents also started teaching me how to save money even when I was just in grade school. I remember them asking me to save at least 10 bucks from my daily allowance and what do you know, soon after I had enough to buy myself my own toys. That feeling made motivated me to save more and as I grew up I used the same mindset to help me save for the things that I want. As a kid, I felt empowered knowing that I didn't have to ask my parents for money all the time. I mean, doesn't it "up" your pride a bit?

Anyway, as I grew older, of course the place where I put my savings also change. From a cute piggy bank to a wallet I leave at home... to a savings account in a bank I trust, like Capital One. It has to be a bank that gives you the most options for your savings account. Since you pretty much want to see that savings grow and not just sit inside a safe until it's needed. What I like about Capital One though, isn't just the way they handle my money, but also the fact that they make an effort for their customers to learn how to save or handle their money through financial literacy programs. This is something that would help a lot in terms of making sure you know what you're doing with the money you work hard for.

Disclosure: I was compensated to share some tips on how to save money.


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