Death By Malling

Last Friday, the Glorietta Blast was all over the news. As of their latest count 11 were confirmed dead and more than a hundred were injured. Whether it was caused by an accident or a terrorist attack, we don't know yet. According to the news, immediately after the blast, police security was heightened in malls, mrt, lrt, the airports and other places where there are a lot of people. True enough, policemen were roaming around with their canines.

It saddens me though that we only take heed and tighten the security only when incidents like this happen. Last Saturday, my son and I went to Gateway Mall to watch a movie. As an SOP to all the malls, people lined up to have their bags checked. People don't really mind lining up as long as they know it is for their own good. At that time, the lady guard was busy talking to the male guard while checking the bags. As I passed through her, her stick merely touched my bag and didn't even bother to see what's inside. I thought to myself, OMG, just like that?

Is this what they call tight security? What if I was a real terrorist and had an explosive inside my bag? It would be very easy for me to do an evil deed.

I hope this will cause alert to the mall's management, not only at Gateway's but to all the establishments concerned. It is their responsibility to take care of their patrons after all, we are their bread and butter, and please... let's not wait for another accident.

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