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Here are some angel stories I gathered from my emails. Enjoy reading!!!

1) This is a story my mother had told me, who was quite good friends with a therapist. The therapist had been seeing a lady who was needing some help in comforting a niece she would now be raising, you see the little girls daddy had killed her mother right in front of her at a very young age. One day, when the little girl was in Sunday school, the Sunday school teacher had a picture of Jesus and had asked the little children if they knew who this man was. The little girl raised her hand and said," that is the man that held me in his arms the day my daddy killed my mommy".

2) Approx. 6 months after the death of my husband, my 4 year old daughter and I were in church. After his death, she wanted to stay with me instead of going to children's church. Being a very well behaved child, I let her stay. While we were singing praises.. she stepped from the end of the pew and took one step forward. She put her hands in the air and began to twirl in circles, laughing, opening and closing her hands as little children do when they want to be picked up. She was looking up and she really looked like she was glowing with happiness! The entire church stopped signing and was watching her !!!!!! Our pastor put his hands in the air toward the heavens and began to smile. He would look at her and then at the Heavens. After a few minutes she stopped in front of him and with the most excited, delightful voice said, Oh Brother Ed, did you see them? They were beautiful Angels, three of them holding hands and dancing in a circle. Their hair was long and blond and had on beautiful long light blue, one yellow, and one white! He said darling I didn't see them...but I could tell by your face that you could! She then returned to my side. After that she was not afraid to leave me to go into another part of the church.

3) This happened to my husband the year before we married. He was driving from our hometown to Bloomington, IN, where he was going to school. He had broken his hand a few weeks before and was wearing a cast on the right hand. He was driving an older model Oldsmobile. To anyone familiar with 165 in Indiana, you know that it is as flat as can be and you can see forever, and all you is cornfields. Anyway, halfway there he got a flat tire. Very painfully with a broken right hand he changed the tire. He was alone on the highway, it was the dead of winter. He started out again and 5 minutes down the road he got another flat! He couldn't believe it. He stopped, and luckily in the trunk had another spare so he set out to change it. He said his hand hurt so bad he could hardly turn the jack but being the tough guy he is, he kept trying. He was concentrating so hard that he didn't hear the 18 wheeler truck stop until a man yelled out, "Can I help?" Frank looked up and saw a semi truck with tractor trailer stopped right behind his car. He still can't imagine how he didn't hear him stop. He said the guy was huge, blond hair, blue eyes, and perfect in all his features. He said the man told him to move over and rest. Frank said he changed that tire in about 2 minutes. He thinks he did it one handed. He offered to pay him but he said it wasn't necessary and jumped in the truck and drove off. Frank said there was a slight bend in the road ahead. He got in the car and wanted to catch up to him and wave thanks but as he rounded the bend, the truck was gone. The next exit was about a half hours drive and when he reached it, Frank turned around and headed home. He knew he had been visited by an angel. There was no way the driver could have gained enough speed to have made the turnoff before Frank. And if he had, the fields would not have hid his truck. He had just vanished as he had arrived. My husband was not a great believer in such things before this happened to him, but he is now. We have had so many occurrences in our lives that we know angels are among us and minister to us. And we are grateful.

4) Every Wednesday my church youth group gets together and talks about problems we may be having or things we just need to get off our chest. My church teacher decided to pick a topic for that night and she chose angles . We talked a long time about how we think an angle looks like and how God sends angles to help. She told us about a time, in the 70's, that her boyfriend's sister was out on the road driving . People waiting on the side of the road were common then and she picked one up by the side if the road . They started talking about life and current events. Suddenly the stranger spoke up " the second coming of the Lord is near". She was surprised because that wasn't what they were talking about . she turned around but the stranger had vanished . I would have been frightened but she said she wasn't scared at all . She could feel the presence of God in the air and had never felt more peaceful.

5) About five years ago when I was sixteen years old I decided to take my parents Alsatian dog out for a walk on a field opposite our house for the first time. I wasn't allowed before because she is really strong and always tries to break free from the lead. Anyway I promised them I would be careful and to put her lead on properly. As we got to the bottom of the field she somehow broke free and she had got her collar off. I panicked and tried to put her collar back on but she ran away and stayed about 10 yards away from, I was really scared because this had happened once before when my mother had taken her out for a walk and the dog had run out into the road and nearly got knocked over. Eventually, after about 40 minutes of running after her and screaming at her to stop, she ran onto a bridge which was right next to a very busy main road (I was nearly having a heart attack at this time). As she was running around trying to get away from me, I saw a young boy who looked about ten years old waiting at a bus stop. He looked quite worried because I was screaming at my dog to stay where she was. I was really panicking and I didn't know what else to do so I looked at the boy and said "please help me, I need to put this collar on her and she won't stay still", he didn't say anything, he just walked down and stood behind the dog so she was trapped in the middle of us. She got really angry and started barking at the boy, I really thought he was going to run off because she was really frightening, but he didn't, he just stood where he was and didn't move. I went to put the collar around her neck and a few seconds later when I looked up to thank him, he was gone, just vanished. I have believed in angels ever since and I am really grateful that he helped me, because if he didn't, my dog would probably have ran out into the road and got herself killed.

6) I am 57 years old but I remember it like it was yesterday. My brother and I were standing on a railroad track in 1952. We had played there many times and this was a day just like any other. As we were playing and frolicking as young boys are apt to do, a dirty, bearded "hobo" suddenly appeared and warned us to get off the tracks. In no time, as we obeyed and stepped away, a Southern Railway freight train rushed by. I looked up and the stranger was no where to be seen. I never saw him again. But I am sure this scraggily gentleman was an angel sent to make sure that my brother and I would not perish and that one, or both, of us would live to help others later on. I hope I can fulfill that purpose.

7) I was about 12 years old. My father sang at my local church. One day I went with him to practice he had the keys to the church. Well the day after he was suppose to sing but he was sick with the flu so he went to church to practice and see if he was capable of performing. I remember I was sitting in the seat just looking at him he was straining his voice a bit but walking down the altar was an angel. I knew it was an angel. It was dressed in a white robe. It had a certain glow that I had never seen before. It went up to my father placed a gentle touch upon my father's shoulder. I saw tears rolling down his eyes as if he had knew something had gave him his health again. All of a sudden I started to cry too not because I was scared but because I knew that my prayer was answered. My father was no longer sick and he just sang beautifully like he had always sang. When I told my father about my encounter he knew that I wasn't joking because he had felt the same warmth I was feeling at the time.

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thank you for posting these inspirational stories.
Hugs, Cecile
(California based Filipina)

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