For whom the bell tolls

This is about our plant, the lovely bell peppers you see in the pictures. My mother started planting the dried seeds of these bell peppers a few months ago. Two months after she planted them, they started producing these lovely fruits. We’ve harvested a lot since and even gave away some of them. Sometimes, we harvest them while they’re still green and stir-fry them with beef strips… hmmm…. so delicious my family loves it so much. And when they’re red, i cook “Shantung” also one of my family’s favorite. Maybe some other time, I will share you these recipes, I am sure your family will love them, too.

We live in a four-story building and we do not have a garden but my mom and I find it really fun to plant herbs and veggies. And it’s even more fun when you harvest and use them knowing they’re so fresh and organic.

My only frustration is my tomato plant, I have never succeeded planting them in pots, but I’m still trying. I hope in a few weeks I’ll be able to tell you a story about my tomatoes, too.

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