Not so Ole Olay

Nakakainis!!! I’m sure most of you have seen Gretchen Barreto’s latest Olay commercial (yung short hair sya). They have this promo telling olay users to bring their empty bottles with the schedule flashed at the end of the ad. Since i live in QC area, I excitedly waited for their Trinoma schedule which is September 29. Yesterday afternoon, I asked my help (Len) to go to Trinoma, and swap my 3 empty bottles of Olay Total Effects, since I was busy at the store. When she got there, she texted me saying “Ate, super dami ng tao at hinahanapan ako ng form”. So I asked her “Anong form?” Yun pala, they gave away the forms in the morning, then you’ll claim the items in the afternoon.

The commercial misinformed the public, hindi naman pala Olay Total Effects and pwedeng i-swap. It turned out, Olay moisturizing lotion (50 ml) lang ang papalitan nila. And another thing, they did not announce that you have to get a form pa muna, which they gave out in the morning. Kawawa naman yung iba who came from other cities like Makati, Las Pinas, Mandaluyong, etc. Hindi ba talaga namang nakakainis since their only sched for Metro Manila is September 29, Trinoma.

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