Lokii...God of Mischief

I am not very fond of dogs basically because I do not want them licking my feet and legs. And I don't like their smell, either. I was even afraid of them when I was younger. When I was growing up, we've had several dogs for pets. Mostly 'askal' or the local breed of dog in the Philippines. We also had dogs like doberman, labrador, poodle and pomeranian but I since I'm not fond of them I didn't care so much about them. They were put in cages and we had a boy to take care of them.

Early this year, my daughter Mai, asked us (my husband) if she can keep a dog. Her boyfriend is giving her a shih tzu. Oh no! I said to myself, not a dog! Eventually, after too much of pleading (my son was on it too) we agreed, but on 1 condition, she will be the one to care of it.

We didn't have the slightest idea that the dog will be staying in her room. A month later, she came home with Lokii. A two-month old puppy in a basket! She named him Lokii which means God of Mischief.

He was so cute and so small he looked like a little lion. Instantly, the whole family fell in love with him, including my mom but not my dad who doesn't like dogs roaming around the house (hehe). He is very playful and loved playing with us. Lokii sleeps on Mai's bed and during daytime that she's in school he stays in our room.

I never imagined that I will be the one to take care of him since Mai is in school until early evening. I give him a bath every other day and believe me he doesn't even smell like a dog. We wash him every time he poohs. Funny, but he is treated like a real baby. Caring for him requires a lot of time though. Bathing him takes a long time because of his thick fur coat, drying him up takes longer. We take him to the vet every 2 months for de-worming and to the groomer every 2 months also.

One could easily fall in love with him not only because he's so cute but he is well-behaved, too. He is not a trained dog but he does not pee and pooh on the bed. One thing I love about him... he does not lick my legs and feet.

lokii at 11 months

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